SONITJE…the intertwining of threads

»The colours of Katarina Spacal’s tapestries take on a distinctive function of denotations, their role derives from the perception of cultural patterns and their symbolism. Everything is adjusted to the reflective field of Karst. For this reason she weaves her colours in a controlled way at first glance, she spreads out a rich palette, restrains the colour quality to a monochromatic image or to certain colour shades. At times, as one would expect from a weaver, she is inspired to let a subtle optical mixing of colours create effect. She compresses the original colour stimulus to one unique colour impression, achieved by a different thickness of weaving, a calculated parallel array of colours, simultaneous contrast, etc.«

from the exhibition catalogue: Stane Bernik, Katarina Spacal: Tapestries


Katarina Spacal makes her fabrics just like her woven creations: with the intertwining of threads, mixing of colours, knotting, folding and sowing. Scarves, shawls, berets, skirts, accessories and woven creations, made at SONITJE, are all unique creations. They are made of natural materials, primarily wool and linen.